Sunday, August 19, 2012

Summer Vacation Stop #1 - Big Sur

We haven't taken any trip for a while.  Well, to be exact, we took a trip to Yosemite last year around the same time.  It felt like a long time though :)  This time, we planned to make a few stops:  Monterey/Big Sur, San Francisco, then Santa Barbara.  We also took along our niece Emily with us.  Christopher was very happy that she could come along for this entire week.  Our first stop, Monterey/Big Sur!

We stayed at Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa in Monterey, as we did not want to stay in Big Sur.  Our main attraction was Big Sur, but we thought it would be better to stay in Monterey and drive down to Big Sur.  On the way up, we took Highway 1 so we could see the beauties of the California coast.  It was a fun ride with amazing views.  I am not sure if I want to do it again though as it was a little bit scary :(  But it was something that everyone needs to do once in their lifetime :)  We liked the hotel, it was above the water and had good view of the ocean.  In Monterey, we explored popular restaurants in the area.  We were so impressed with the Flying Fish GrillLoulou's Griddle In the Middle (breakfast was absolutely yummy, but service was very very slow since they were always busy) and Anton & Michel Restaurant.  We highly recommend these and would love to come back to the same places if we ever visit Monterey again.

The next morning, we explored Big Sur.  We first went to Pfeiffer Beach, a very popular spot but a little hard to find.  We did our homework so we had no problem getting to it :)

We climbed on top of a hill.  It was easy climbing up, but very hard to go down.

We left Pfeiffer Beach and went to Jade Cove, in hope of finding some jades.  The path down to Jade Cove was very slippery and scary.  The kids were troopers for taking it so easy.  We got beautiful pictures, but did not find any jade.

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