Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Christopher - The First Year

So I just came up with this idea... I want to start a project with pictures of Christopher over the years. Since there are so many pictures that I love, it is not an easy task to pick out just a few from each year. I have decided to have separate posts for each year. The first post will include pictures taken between March 2005 and March 2006. It might take a while to complete this project, but I am glad that I came up with this idea :)

Taken right after birth, at Balboa Hospital. You can still see the petroleum jelly on his eyelid.

05/04/05 - sleeping at auntie's house

05/09/05 - play time

06/12/05 - playing with Daddy

07/21/05 - chilling out :)


07/30/05 - shopping at Costco

08/12/05 - getting comfy

08/27/05 - it's summer time!!!

08/27/05 - at Balboa Hospital for NICU reunion

09/05/05 - Coronado

09/09/05 - see? I can walk

09/09/05 - hanging out with Daddy on the porch

10/02/05 - cousin Emily visited


11/20/05 - at someone's birthday party







03/09/06 - yay! I am one year old!!!

undated - I believe this was around 3 months old (based on the look on his hair lol). This was taken at The Picture People.

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