Sunday, March 10, 2013

Minecraft Birthday Party for Christopher & Evan

Yesterday, we celebrated Christopher & Evan's birthday. It was a lot of fun. Christopher is turning 8 and Evan is turning 5. Their birthdays were two days apart so we always celebrated together. Prepping for the party was a fun process too. The decorations took longer than what we expected but everything was well worth it. We got ideas from around the web and did everything ourselves since Minecraft theme is not available in any party supplies store. 

 Creeper Juice

Creeper Juice vs Diet Creeper Juice

TNT for after cutting the cake, but they were gone way before. These were a hit! 

 Grassy centerpiece

Goodie bags

We couldn't find a Minecraft jumping house so we settled for this one. I thought it looked awesome.

 Christopher's cake, made by his Dad. He did all this by himself with inspirations from Youtube videos. I was so impressed that the cake turned out so AWESOME. I think we should open a cake business soon.

This was Evan's cake, made by his Mom. My sister has always been good at cooking and baking, so I was not surprised that she produced such beautiful cake. It tasted awesome as well. The cakes were the highlight of the party!

 Birthday boys posed for a picture with their cakes

Evan was such a smiley boy. I love his smile here :)

 Another good picture of Evan

I forgot to take pictures of the food. This is the only food picture that I've taken :( We had cheese and pepperoni pizzas for the kids. Besides these short-ribs, we also had egg rolls, fried shrimp, fried rice, Vietnamese salad, garden salad, and fruits.

More pictures of the boys posing.

Mommy & Son

Family picture

Cake time!!!

 Pinata time!!! Christopher's Dad made the pinata as well. He was quite crafty this time around. For future birthdays, we won't have to worry about buying cakes and pinata for sure.

I think this is the most fun part.

 My friend's husband was behind the camera, taking a picture of us. Surprisingly, we had an unexpected model in the background.

The party was quite a success. The boys had a very good time and no one wanted to leave. I think the theme was awesome. I am glad that Christopher and Evan chose Minecraft this year. Everything came together nicely. I am excited to see what they will choose for next year's theme.


  1. The jumping house looks like the jungle biome! Great Party. I am so using your TNT idea for my son's 9th birthday in February. I have many Minecraft costumes and projects you can check out!

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by. It was a great party with a great theme. I really had fun planning it. Hope you guys have a good party in February. I will check out your blog.

  3. Thanks for sharing! WOW, what a great job everyone did. Love all of the ideas.

    1. Thanks Jenni :) I actually will start putting up the templates that I used so they can be downloaded.

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